Sideline Soccer

Prevent those annoying meerkats from thieving your Pepsi and oranges in Sideline Soccer. Click each meerkat as it pops up from the ground, but be sure to anticipate its movements so you don't send your kicks over its tiny head. If you can lay out accurate passes you'll have no problems clearing the first few levels, but as each new level demands that you knock out more meerkats, you'll find yourself increasingly nervous about these stubborn creatures. Don't kick the ball too long, or you might hit a bystander, subtracting points from your score.

Rating: 3.79 (312 votes) 3.79 out of 5
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adaskarol (2 January 2016):
Hae 24551765 Points 1ST tatk that guperdr01 I took your place Cool  Wave  Wink
adaskarol (2 January 2016):
tf54 @   Clap hands  @  
minsuper89 (13 August 2014):
i win Wave
ajdin-ze (28 January 2014):
best game ever  Cool
ajdin-ze (28 January 2014):
I GOT 786983
finnlol333 (12 April 2013):
they took all of my pepsi Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad
bale11 (24 March 2013):
wow its the best game ever its hard but you can have real fun try out goalkeeper priemier Hmm...
nikolai123 (16 February 2013):
my score is 311788
ruzhdiu11 (13 February 2013):
308274 can somebody beat this : Happy  Wave
ailen55 (4 February 2013):
im 6,922 in the leaderboard
Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool
MSBY74 (26 January 2013):
I got 1013244 and i swear it's the first time for me to play. The top 115 on the world, BEAT ME!!
rko1207 (24 January 2013):
best game in the world Cool
mrye22 (20 January 2013):
cool game Cool  :
Devkrishna (7 January 2013):
awesome Sad my best score is 89000 Happy
back2back24 (6 December 2012):
my score 682914 so gupedr01 i beat you
ninosnitsakis (29 September 2012):
very good game
KUSHAL (29 September 2012):
ProKid (23 September 2012):
best game everr Clap hands  Wave
imranfaisal (4 September 2012):
awsomedeath (14 July 2012):
easy and awsome Cool  Clap hands
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