Beach Skills Soccer

Can you play Beach Skills Soccer like the legendary Angolan beach soccer player Madjer? Your player will juggle the ball and slide around the beach. When the timing is right, tap the directional arrow corresponding to your player's position. He'll perform a trick and dazzle the crowd of bikini-wearing beach babes. Keep the ball going for a long period of time to grow your score exponentially. Your player will roll around the sand at will, but remember that a dropped ball will deduct points from your score. There's nothing like a day footballing seaside!

Rating: 4.15 (1087 votes) 4.15 out of 5
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sanchez (22 August 2016):
ready to go to the beach with mad footy skills
Groot Jr. (31 March 2016):
I got 2345006
sreekanth (12 June 2015):
gr8 game Cool
mohamed serrato (27 January 2015):
Jason545 (22 October 2014):
good better best never let it rest
you cannot bat me because i am the best
you take a rest Happy  Happy
minsuper89 (12 August 2014):
i like this games Cool
CK20 (12 June 2014):
i like this game Wave  Clap hands  Clap hands
Bale360 (7 April 2014):
zulfahmi (24 March 2014):
best gilerrr!!! Happy   Wink  @
Fernado torres (20 March 2014):
Cool good game
Gofootballforever (9 March 2014):
cool game Cool
Gofootballforever (8 March 2014):
is so fun
Gofootballforever (2 March 2014):
nice game Cool  Happy  Clap hands
Themaster12 (1 March 2014):
yes the game is good/ best ever Wave  Wink  Wave
NikolaGokuGrga (10 May 2013):
my score is 130580
engo2013 (10 May 2013):
good game   Cool  Clap hands
finntaylor567 (10 May 2013):
i get 1117034 score Cool
Jaden118 (7 May 2013):
My highist score is 10029376
swaggerdon (5 May 2013):
damm its so swag
GabytzuRo (2 May 2013):
my score is 62940 :D
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