Horse Race

Wanna be a jockey? All you need to do in this game is to guide your horse through the many obstacles that come in the way and to make sure that he does not knock them down. You will get the score accordingly. This is a game played with your keyboard, however the graphics are excellent and it is a game that you can enjoy for hours without getting bored at all!

Rating: 3.34 (270 votes) 3.34 out of 5
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HORSE RACE - Comments:
brocky04 (22 December 2014):
Baha-Eddin (17 July 2012):
Exellent race.
amdowns (10 July 2012):
yeah it is Wave
Kendi11 (2 July 2012):
Clap hands cool game
armenia (23 June 2012):
drizzy20038 (27 April 2011):
i have a hores named lucky
David Murphy8 (22 April 2011):
so cool
davidlollypop (19 February 2011):
dosen't work stink booo @
FUERZA MONARCA (12 February 2011):
hi  Wave      Wave
saphia (6 February 2011):
peterboy10 (12 September 2010):
i hate this game so bad Sad
laza (10 September 2010):
its lame Cool
Margret212 (19 August 2010):
Whatever Happy
khan786 (19 July 2010):
its crap cos it takes time man
qasimsubhan (15 July 2010):
hey ss
qasimsubhan (15 July 2010):
school so boring Clap hands
qasimsubhan (15 July 2010):
i lov hors races games it so fun
pato754 (30 May 2010):
its crap
daniel1499 (29 May 2010):
dosent load tat quick
ultan (26 May 2010):
mental not Happy
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