FlashFooty Golden Cup

Move the mouse left/right to position the ball, up/down to determine the height of the shoot. To shoot without bending just click and release the left mouse button. To shoot with bending click the left mouse button, hold it and move the mouse left/right to adjust the bend.

Rating: 3.69 (239 votes) 3.69 out of 5
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abdulrehman98 (20 August 2014):
i completed every competition  Clap hands  Clap hands
ASFjerome (5 March 2014):
i love this game Happy  Clap hands  Wave
hyu88 (20 April 2013):
I hate this game Sad
waswadd (18 March 2013):
i hate the kepper Hmm...
manutdtillidie (19 February 2013):
10/10 great game  Clap hands
Esseeja (8 February 2013):
brilliant game.  Clap hands  Wave
8p667 (3 June 2012):
Rovinvanpersie (20 May 2012):
It is so easy Happy

I only lose to Real Madrid  and Manchester United Hmm...
ronan6099 (14 February 2012):
easy Happy
ronan6099 (14 February 2012):
best game ever lol Clap hands  Wave
footyman342 (4 February 2012):
I smacked defender peanuts Happy  Happy  Happy
sowangyu100 (27 January 2012):
the keeper is insane! Sad
bigbaby709 (19 December 2011):
i'm pants at this
chelsea13 (17 December 2011):
it is impossible to win but it is really cool
vanpersie165 (13 December 2011):
it is hard now okay!! Hmm...
death briger (31 May 2011):
fun games Happy  Clap hands
George C (22 May 2011):
WAY TO HARD Sad  Hmm...
tawayne (1 May 2011):
good quality Cool  Cool
newcastle14 (20 April 2011):
the goalkeeper is brilliant  Wave  Wave
Hovo (24 March 2011):
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