Drift Runners 2

The aim is to complete achievements in order to unlock bonus levels, cars and upgrades. To unlock next level you'll have to finish the current race in the required position. Use arrow keys to navigate, press space to use turbo if the turbo meter is full.

Rating: 3.66 (348 votes) 3.66 out of 5
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DRIFT RUNNERS 2 - Comments:
coronaldo123 (16 February 2020):
noice Clap hands
riofeeney (17 August 2014):
not bad
lucas123 (4 June 2014):
yhooo you must  see lucas he won a 5- 0 againts fzha repablic Clap hands
Wacky (24 January 2014):
boring rubbish Sad
hereiam (21 March 2013):
worst game ever
abdullah khan (23 November 2012):
perhaps it is my future
Clap hands
KadenTheMan (13 October 2012):
boring super boring Sad
reeder7 (25 July 2012):
it gets boring  Clap hands but its good
superjake124 (25 June 2012):
i don,t like this game anymore Sad  Sad
HUNGabor (25 June 2012):
Hmm... bad game Sad
boss12236 (30 May 2012):
now i hate this game alot Sad  Sad
boss12236 (29 May 2012):
this game loading so slow but i like this game  Clap hands  Clap hands
najmi (6 February 2012):
not best game  Sad
ecudjoe (23 January 2012):
i will always play this game until i die Clap hands  Wink
starligth (3 January 2012):
it is hard but good Wave  Clap hands
starligth (1 January 2012):
i miss this game Clap hands  Happy
DJ Blackstar (28 December 2011):
soooo.............. nice and cool
Cool  Clap hands  Happy
alexgamer2134 (11 December 2011):
cool game  Wave  Cool
Jamie-boi15 (23 November 2011):
Sad  this is quwite good
Damon Salvatore (1 June 2011):
Wow this is probaby the best game I have played so far
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