Rave Rider

In this game you are allowed to take the rough road of racing. You will enjoy moving through the rough terrain and crashing your car up and down the road. Remember to collect coins so that you can get your car repaired, get fuel for your car and also don't stay on the bridges for too long as the bridge may not be strong enough and you will crash down the ravine. Use ARROW KEYS to navigate, SPACE to jump and N to activate nitro.

Rating: 3.47 (226 votes) 3.47 out of 5
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RAVE RIDER - Comments:
ko_hankinator (29 March 2015):
Not bad! 9..5/10. I completed the game! Happy  Wink  Wave
vandango (19 April 2013):
Hussain Ali Mohammed (22 March 2013):
Its the best car game I ever played  
southampton1 (30 May 2012):
its rubbish Sad
Rigo9 (29 May 2012):
I can't pass the first level Sad
yakub jacob (10 December 2011):
i won everything its not so hard Wave
legend (24 April 2011):
mkid75 (24 March 2011):
how u play this game
cairn (24 March 2011):
cool game
nad999 (11 February 2011):
its so booooooorin Sad
joeggg (5 February 2011):
its cind of cool Happy
ryzer (26 January 2011):
i love this game all time play got past all the levels about 100 times make it 101 Clap hands  Clap hands
Cooldudema (19 December 2010):
that was the easyest game on the website
RaNdOm DuStIn (2 December 2010):
awesome cool game got up to level 10 woohoo Cool  Clap hands  Happy
RHINO45 (22 October 2010):
awsome Happy
RHINO45 (22 October 2010):
not bad Hmm...  Clap hands
olive_cute (11 October 2010):
i crashed poor me i hate these type of games their booooooorin Sad
Haris Ps (31 August 2010):
i'm the champion
xxj ashavin (25 August 2010):
ok Happy  Sad  Wink
mikeyhaskett@aol.com (19 August 2010):
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