Gem Golf

12 holes of mini golf fun. Can you find that perfect shot that will get you a hole in one? Use your mouse to play.

Rating: 3.66 (214 votes) 3.66 out of 5
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GEM GOLF - Comments:
LiverpoolFan2017 (14 April 2017):
I agree with marshall not all of the games on this site are football games just call it sports games
coolboomy (24 January 2017):
GG 6 HOLE IN ONES  Wave  Clap hands  Clap hands
jack.c (18 September 2016):
boring u better delete it
shadrak4 (19 February 2014):
is well sick
divi123 (7 May 2013):
GOT 899 POINTS GOOD NOT TO BAD !!! Happy  Clap hands (2 March 2013):
i am epic at this
YUSUF_121 (9 February 2013):
awsome when i was in recepction it was 2010
YUSUF_121 (9 February 2013):
wow Cool i like it  Wave
marshall (14 October 2012):
good games on football games because all the games are not football
kofi635 (2 July 2012):
woohoo i got all the reds ands greens! Happy  crap as well Sad
gabe gabe (10 December 2011):
level 7 I can't do the rest Hmm... I need to get better Wink
tubz (26 November 2011):
bad boy game braap Cool
arsenalmanfan (22 March 2011):
thats it!  Cool it was better than any golf game Clap hands  Happy
Hovo (8 February 2011):
Good Happy
567 (9 December 2010):
xhero456 this game  not amazing @
567 (9 December 2010):
i dont no what to say because it is such
Fabio Capello (27 October 2010):
nice Cool  Cool
azwarhafiy61 (9 September 2010):
amazing game... @
xhero456 (3 September 2010):
you are an awesome game Cool  Clap hands  Sad
freduardo (18 August 2010):
lush Wave
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