2010 World Cup Shootout

Guide your National Team to the title in 2010 World Cup penalty shoot-out challenge. In order to shoot properly, you will need to make two mouse clicks. The first click determines where your player "intends" to shoot. The second determines the final direction making it possible to trick the goalkeeper. Just press it and release it immediately. When defending, click on the part of the goal where you'd like your goalkeeper to dive. You will see a red marker just before the opponent shoots, showing the direction of the shot.

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2010 WORLD CUP SHOOTOUT - Comments:
SharkKillerGamerBoy (31 October 2020):
Very Good Game
EpicEmzyKid (7 August 2014):
Its An Amazing Game SNM
OMGitsme125 (18 February 2014):
qwite good then perfect Happy  Sad egnore the sadness  Wink  Wave  Clap hands
CHANDU (1 February 2014):
it is awesome to play this game i will win one day Clap hands
brazilian (22 April 2013):
It's stupid Sad  Wave
!NAYIM! (11 March 2013):
This is so easy i won 7x in a row
NilsHlukaku2012 (27 January 2013):
its almost impossible Hmm...
blueboy595 (5 December 2012):
soo easy
iBol1Ty (30 November 2012):
Nice and cool game but is and easy
ChelseaLampard6 (14 November 2012):
Thanks cfinster4  for that because I scored my first goal Wave  Wink
JakeW (1 October 2012):
Thank you cfinster4 for telling me how to score a goal Happy
Still very hardSad
Keohane broz (28 September 2012):
I lost every match I,m crap Sad
cfinster4 (28 August 2012):
to make a goal u must click on 1 side and then click on the other and it`s like tricking the keeper try it naughty nathan
Geo1004 (11 August 2012):
This game is fixed serbia got to the final 6 times and they won 5 times!
superattack82 (8 August 2012):
i lost the final with Brazil 3-4 USA ;(
SuperGamer781 (30 July 2012):
got to semi's with chile lost 3-0 vs italy
vazz123 (16 July 2012):
Lost in the semi-Final England 3-5
justin10408 (13 July 2012):
We lost in the final 4:2 Sad
superattack82 (6 July 2012):
I reached the final and won against Germany 4-2  Happy  Clap hands
UNITEDROCKS (1 July 2012):
woo love this game Happy  Clap hands
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