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Enjoy tennis virtually! In this game you are allowed to play three times and win. This is definitely a game of skills and fast movements. You need to get used to the keyboard if you are a mouse player. All you have to do is press the space bar for long enough to serve. Once you do that then you have to position yourself with the cursor keys and then you have to press the space bar again to return the ball. Once you get these keys working for you in the right manner, you will be a winner hundred percent!

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TENNIS GAME - Comments:
sports4life (23 July 2015):
this game is bad people Sad  Sad  Sad
victor valdes 112 (8 January 2015):
i'm the best at it LOL
Bennj002.310 (24 November 2014):
boss game love it!!!  Clap hands  Clap hands
emmanuelmancity10 (16 February 2014):
this is a very good game but it's quiet hard
i lost on the first game   Cool  Cool
Andy1021 (25 January 2014):
Good game
KADOT99 (5 May 2013):
Best Game ever boyee easy for me and you to say Cool
Chelsea21 (4 May 2013):
Good game! Clap hands
lionelmessi556 (9 April 2013):
is it me or is this game crap
lcowlin3vr (24 March 2013):
it's a good game but im rubbish
Boris Busta Banda (20 January 2013):
good game Happy  Clap hands
mathan oscar (1 November 2012):
this game is so easy for me...i won 2 times .....chosse player graf or venus best player in the game  Happy
Liverpool2005 (21 October 2012):
Best game ever. I play it 24hrs a day.
   (PS. Graf is the best)  Happy
boofudge123 (7 October 2012):
good but i lost Hmm...
ejdj (7 October 2012):
this game is crap Sad
dames0 (4 October 2012):
I hate this game Hmm...  Sad
cristsiant (6 September 2012):
IT IS THE BEST!!! Clap hands  Wave
abziscool264 (3 September 2012):
i rubbish at it but cool game Cool  Wave  Happy
galjahero (30 August 2012):
best tennis game other than real life
mynameischeese9 (20 August 2012):
i always win with graf lol Cool
matinh (10 August 2012):
Wink well strang but very hard and very fun to play for kids! Cool  Happy
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