Kitty Throw

The aim in this game is to throw the kitty as far as you can. Don't worry, you are not hurting anybody in the process. It is all a matter of speed and accuracy and you will get to understand the whole game eventually.

Rating: 4.16 (212 votes) 4.16 out of 5
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KITTY THROW - Comments:
crushw2 (25 January 2014):
Leeds rock and the game Happy  Happy
goku9870 (10 April 2013):
where did the kitty go  Hmm...  Hmm...
steveywright (31 March 2013):
this game is not realy suprising me
Boris Busta Banda (7 January 2013):
God game  Happy
messi101 (9 December 2012):
good game Clap hands
bonnar (17 June 2012):
2,345 beat that
Cool  Happy  Wink
bonnar (17 June 2012):
legand game Happy  Cool
f.c messi (30 January 2012):
cjclight2002light (14 January 2012):
very funny game
jake_17 (22 December 2011):
1770 not bad (good game) Clap hands
nufc-ko (12 December 2011):
2961 beat that Cool
walker17 (28 November 2011):
i  love it it is the best  Happy  Happy
kieron the captain (20 November 2011):
funny but stupid
Azaan (12 June 2011):
2820 mtrs beat that!!!
ifwad234 (1 June 2011):
all the best Clap hands  Wave  Happy
Afridi (23 May 2011):
i love this game. Wink  Clap hands
jackandkieranandjuan (29 March 2011):
thats borinnggg
ronaldo503 (12 November 2010):
good  Clap hands  Cool   Happy  Wink
phoenix10 (7 August 2010):
good game Clap hands  Clap hands
leedsno1fan (13 July 2010):
this game is cool
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