Muay Thai

Have fun hitting your enemy! In this game you are allowed to take your enemy on a boxing game. This is not difficult; however it is important that you do a training program before hand. It is important that you understand what you can do with the keyboard to be able to keep your opponent at bay. Don't worry if you are having problems at the beginning. You will get it with practice.

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MUAY THAI - Comments:
soccer is my name (8 April 2014):
fun game
Benny123 (14 April 2013):
This is so asome guys Cool  Wave  Sad
dogygohan101 (7 April 2013):
cool mma game Clap hands  Cool
orfeas (3 January 2013):
THE 2 LAST LEVELS ARE GREAT!! Clap hands  Wave
Aaron.Croke (31 December 2012):
oh ye and come on west ham v norich tomoz
Aaron.Croke (31 December 2012):
beat the guy from future with all my strength left beat that  Cool  Cool
drimitri (12 December 2012):
that is good wazzafan 10
monkeyboy1234 (2 October 2012):
omg when u punch its weird
abalolo (17 September 2012):
Van Persie to man U  Happy
abalolo (17 September 2012):
karite Kid Cool  Wave
STARWARS (20 August 2012):
c.ronaldo79 (30 July 2012):
i won that guy from the future
Evilx MaMMoZ (19 June 2012):
so easy i do it in one go its rubbish Sad  Sad
omarmm (10 June 2012):
excellent Happy  Happy
RED DEVIL!!!! (14 February 2012):
Dude!! The mask man is strong!!
RED DEVIL!!!! (14 February 2012):
Going to try!! Wish me luck!!
matthewik90 (9 February 2012):
easy complete Cool
lamonza4 (29 January 2012):
lamonza4:i over the game
don16 (21 December 2011):
i like  this game
abalolo (19 December 2011):
i bet the guy from the future and won im so lucky Clap hands  Wave
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