Axifer Billiards

Billiards is all about patience! This game will take a lot of your time and concentration. The game in itself is very simple. But it is good that you read the instructions and understand the rules to be able to be in the winning team. The shooting is simple and all you need is a click of your mouse, however, if you are playing against the computer, be careful, because the computer is very good at billiard games. Try these games with your friends and enjoy your day!

Rating: 3.92 (481 votes) 3.92 out of 5
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jdog33 (14 May 2019):
I won 8-2 against cpu at straight pool  Clap hands  Wave
Taarabt7 (30 November 2012):
How do I win? Happy
joshua675 (22 November 2012):
wow! i like this game Happy   Wink
VanPersie31 (9 September 2012):
good game Hmm...  Happy   Wink
markoleg (6 July 2012):
how do u put the faces on also the game is good
Daniel Smedley (7 June 2012):
I win evry time when I go on this game Cool  Wave
misiaczek07 (5 February 2012):
this is the booringest  game i ever played Sad
Tadgh2011 (3 January 2012):
I won 8-0 on straight pool against pc Happy  Happy
don20 (30 December 2011):
awesome game
don20 (30 December 2011):
sick game ya get me ya
don20 (28 December 2011):
wiked game i always win the cpu  Cool  Cool  Clap hands
Xiangrui02 (23 December 2011):
Best game.  Easy to win PC!lol
Davs872 (30 November 2011):
I won 8-4 straight pool v pc Happy
Tadgh2011 (26 November 2011):
I won 8-4 on straight pool against computer
Raj1881 (20 November 2011):
i will merk u wastmanz at dis 8-6 against computer woooo yay  Clap hands  Wave
cairo1010 (19 November 2011):
love this game Wave  Wink  Cool
sydney1234 (3 June 2011):
i like the game so much it is sick Clap hands  Cool
jameswilson (13 May 2011):
best game on the programme
dddd (4 May 2011):
3 games in a row i win   Cool  Wave  
rooney12345679 (25 April 2011):
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