Horse Jumping

Horse riding is so much fun! All you need to do in this game is watch your beautiful horse fly by at this elegant pace and get ready to jump. You do this by pressing the space bar down, once you have done this then the time will come when you have to release the bar and let your horse jump. Donít worry if you don't get it right the first time.

Rating: 3.45 (202 votes) 3.45 out of 5
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SATHISHVAR (21 April 2015):
man160 (30 August 2014):
terrible game it stimks Sad  Sad
namitg98 (4 June 2012):
a foolish game creator  Sad  Wink  Hmm...
taylorgreen49 (19 May 2011):
i hate this game it is so boring and im not intrested in hourses im intrested in football
shannon97 (31 March 2011):
not really goood  Sad  Sad
NOON GYT 1 (21 March 2011):
Prime Dawg (19 March 2011):
really! good!                                                                                                                                                                                  NOT
daus (14 March 2011):
i don't like this game ...
this game so noob .... @  @
saphia (10 February 2011):
i dont like this game
neeru.raj93 (15 November 2010):
i like horses & i luv horses
mark85137 (23 October 2010):
wesdare (19 October 2010):
nice one
AmyLeighCookie (1 October 2010):
im good at it Cool
Hassan4lyf (22 September 2010):
i hate horses
khara (29 August 2010):
boring Cool
Margret212 (19 August 2010):
STOP saying Bad things!!! Wink (I LOVE Horses!! Happy )
phoenix10 (7 August 2010):
Bad Game
hollie10122289 (6 August 2010):
I like this game and it is knot boring or crap you just say i do knot like this game
tasos200 (22 June 2010):
Cool  Sad  Wink  boring
deni (12 May 2010):
this game is crap but still thinking .  Sad  Hmm...
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