Sekonda Ice Hockey

You will get the opportunity to score a good mark in this one. All you need to do is to understand how to handle the mouse and when to click to have the best score. Press the mouse down to gain speed and hit the ball by releasing the left mouse click. Once you have done this, it is all a matter of practice and becoming good at shooting at the right direction to handle a better score.

Rating: 3.59 (73 votes) 3.59 out of 5
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minicanon (19 March 2013):
gr8 game Happy  Happy
doger (28 February 2013):
i love hockey!
manhat 2000 (21 February 2013):
cool game dudes i love it so cool
gauravdua14 (17 January 2012):
my score 1225 Wave  can you beat it?
miz12 (2 June 2011):
1000 Wave  Cool  Clap hands
manuforeva98 (17 February 2011):
890 beat that
nickbad (10 October 2010):
so cool
nickbad (10 October 2010):
wat up this game is so cool Wave  Wave
luke foster (31 August 2010):
funny game  Happy
soccer team messi (10 August 2010):
can i pla Hmm... o i mean awsomeeee Cool  Cool
yourmum (2 August 2010):
Happy a sick game quite fun Happy
Ernest (30 July 2010):
Hmm... wat do i se Cool i mean awesooooome
Turbospeed911 (29 June 2010):
Awesome game!  Wave  Clap hands
ami_naghty boyz (23 May 2010):
nice Wink
jenzy60 (10 May 2010):
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