Monty Python Football

Greek philosophers Plato, Archimedes, and their intellectual countrymen square off against their German counterparts like Kant and Jaspers in Monty Python Football. If you thought Ruud van Nistelrooy had a brilliant mind on and off the pitch, watch Confucious officiate a field full of great thinkers with two famous theologian sideline referees assisting him. Will Karl Marx inject any threat into his squad's attack when he comes onto the pitch? Can Aristoteles provide a strategically firm foundation from which the Greeks can deploy a deadly attack? Find out as you watch this game of historical humour.

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totti 10 (8 February 2013):
very funny
bob1234 (11 August 2012):
its not an own goal because you switch sides at half time?
kenan rocks (25 January 2012):
not funny but Greece scored an own goal so Germany should have won Hmm...  Clap hands  @
MiniMessi (23 December 2010):
So Greeks invented Football?
MiniMessi (23 December 2010):
christiano (11 July 2010):
the greeks scord an own goal  lol real funny  Cool  Cool  Happy
darcy kirby (1 May 2010):
hahahahahaha so fnny
GREATDK1 (6 April 2010):
this is fuuny lol Clap hands  Clap hands
s.a.2000 (27 March 2010):
Wave funny...very funny
Rooneyowen (1 January 2010):
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