One on One Soccer

For fans of both air hockey and football, One on One Soccer brings high-speed action to your computer screen. Try to score more goals than your opponent in the given time to advance to the next level. The mouse and the left mouse button are all you need to shuffle your player and kick the ball. Nailing the ball against the various circles that pop up on the walls will change the speed of the ball or the size of the goal. Some will even bring a goalkeeper to your aid, though he might not exactly be a Brad Guzan.

Rating: 3.79 (290 votes) 3.79 out of 5
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OMGitsme125 (13 February 2014):
i give it 9 out of 10 Cool  Sad when i was leading20-40 Sad
roybook (28 January 2014):
I lost 32 -14 after I was leading 11 -5
CokeBoyMed (15 April 2013):
Easy And I will give it 1 out of 10 Sad
finnlol333 (12 April 2013):
i got about 1 touch and i still won 20-14
Fiq (16 March 2013):
15 for me and13 for her
DEADDUDE (12 December 2012):
i dident even get a chance to kick i just kick then she kicked it back in my goal Sad
jakeshaneaaronsam (15 July 2012):
I won 19-18
Frankenshtein (22 May 2012):
i win 29-6
Saif124 (6 February 2012):
sick game i love it  Happy  Wink Clap hands but it's quite easy make it harder Hmm...
JordanV2000 (30 November 2011):
boring scored 10 without touching the ball Sad
LMFAO (18 November 2011):
worst game ever
amir_sadin (12 June 2011):
this game is very easy Happy
wayne roney (3 November 2010):
nice game  Happy
paulie messi 10 (19 October 2010):
crapiest game ever  Sad
haider 360 (15 September 2010):
i am cool i won 9 6 igive it a 9/10
jawad987 (7 August 2010):
a crap game  Hmm...
shanamagus (1 August 2010):
f Sad  Sad king sh @ t game to easy just hold the ball 4 the whole game 0 stars
SHARKY1055 (24 July 2010):
Rooney124 (18 July 2010):
joshrrr (19 June 2010):
25 to me and 1 for her Cool
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