Electro Air Hockey

Playing hockey on computer is so cool! This game allows you to experience the same thrill that you can have when you are playing a real life game. The movements are simple and all you need to do is to handle your mouse well. Once you get that together, you will have to make sure that you are always in the defensive. You get to choose your opponents, however, they are very good and you need to be very careful and fast to win.

Rating: 3.91 (237 votes) 3.91 out of 5
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bryan133018 (16 June 2016):
this is fun not
1_arsenalfan (24 March 2013):
chaet for level 10  DSEWLV Cool
Timmy1234 (20 March 2013):
What do you get after you won the game king kieran?
kingkieran15 (22 February 2013):
I WON YAY!!! Clap hands
spckly (16 February 2013):
i like this game Happy
man u r leg (30 October 2012):
totally alexandra youve got the right mind
goo football!! Happy
nadal6 (29 October 2012):
so close on round four 7-5 what a dissapontment 4 ahead now ot 6 points!!
nadal6 (29 October 2012):
he is easy i beat the japaniese guy 7-4
Meca (7 October 2012):
password for level 2 is ur2cool level 3 is playgolf and level 4 is k9ytvs
carmine2012 (2 October 2012):
code for the last lvl is dsewlv
kevin boy (22 September 2012):
the japan guy is bloodie hard to beat
radoja15 (8 September 2012):
Chelsea rule 12 (4 September 2012):
crap game cant win against japanese guy
Ajiththan (20 August 2012):
I agree with firth alexandre
footrbl (23 July 2012):
i like footy better
ShahF50 (23 July 2012):
firth_alexander  i put my thumbs up
firth_alexander (13 June 2012):
thumbs up if you like footy better! @
dylan1999 (10 June 2012):
this game is crap  Sad
atospatos (19 February 2012):
good game Cool
kenan10 (4 February 2012):
not the best of games but its good
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