Bass Fishing Pro

A fishing game with a twist! In this game you are supposed to go fishing. If you think fishing is a slow and relaxing game, then playing this game will teach you a few things about a fast pace fishing experience. You have to be good with your keyboard, so you will need to practice that first, and once you have that together is all a matter of going back and forth and catching as much fish as you can. Something to enjoy at any time, especially if you are feeling bored!

Rating: 3.72 (126 votes) 3.72 out of 5
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djstu2002 (2 June 2016):
good game Happy  Wink
wunpini (4 May 2013):
Twalk110 (31 December 2012):
this game is pretty hard only get up to level 2 every time i play this game.... Hmm...
swaggerboy5647 (23 November 2012):
this game is awosome i can,t beat level3
Hmm...  Clap hands
kaleo113 (9 July 2012):
are you kidding this game is awesome. i got to round 10 5 stars
i love brighton (16 January 2012):
i got to level two and 1 fish got away
gabe gabe (12 December 2011):
its really hard round 2 is so hard Sad
muata (22 April 2011):
Sad  Sad I do't like this play
Fernando Torres 444 (29 March 2011):
good game Clap hands
Haider abbas (3 December 2010):
the badest game in hole life
fraser1999 (23 November 2010):
good game
liverpool rule (28 July 2010):
omg rubbish
tazzila (25 July 2010):
rubbish boring and rubbish
hhatheway (10 July 2010):
not entertaining at all Sad  Sad  Sad
OriteLadsItsChips (12 May 2010):
07stirlingb (11 May 2010):
this game is ok
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