Pin Pals Bowling

Aim and shoot! You are allowed to choose your partner to play with you in this one. They are all cool school guys and that makes things real cool. Once you get the ball, you are supposed to aim and get it in the right place. You can shoot the ball by releasing the mouse and once you have done that it is all a matter of good aiming and a good game of bowling. Very enjoyable indeed!

Rating: 3.58 (125 votes) 3.58 out of 5
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sports4life (26 July 2015):
this game is kinda dumb
moomin1603 (19 April 2013):
this game is really good Happy
Sweets45 (4 February 2013):
i love it my mates so ljk
786 CHELSEA 786 (2 December 2012):
I am the best of the rest cuz i made 197 and rosa made 120   somthing  Cool   Wave  Happy
ahmed112 (23 August 2012):
h8 this gme
suby89 (15 June 2012):
i won
annie123 (13 June 2012):
i love this game
Xiangrui02 (23 December 2011):
it is very easy. Usually score 200 ! Hmm...
magmorter934 (10 December 2011):
i win easily Happy  Cool
cg2000 (5 June 2011):
hi HATE IT Hmm...
guardian (31 May 2011):
stupid game  Sad
ajwar619 (28 May 2011):
Sad this game is so sad
ajwar619 (28 May 2011):
cool game
wesdare (19 October 2010):
god game but hard Wink  Happy
prakrit (18 September 2010):
azwarhafiy61 (8 September 2010):
very easy game... Happy (28 August 2010):
good game
cdcd76 (17 August 2010):
ruhbish game!!! @  Sad  Hmm...
s9731469A (7 July 2010):
good games as l also get strikes
1 (24 June 2010):
good = =
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