3D Tennis

Tennis is such fun! You can have all the fun of playing tennis without having to go out there and getting all tired. In this game you are allowed to play tennis with the click of your mouse. If you know all the rules of the game, then fine, otherwise it will be a good idea if you study them and work accordingly. Once these things are taken care of, then it is all a process of practice and practice only and you will become an expert tennis player in no time.

Rating: 4.18 (731 votes) 4.18 out of 5
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3D TENNIS - Comments:
epic guy (6 April 2016):
this game is OKAY Sad
coolman55 (4 April 2015):
very fun
Sinethemba (10 April 2014):
Me2 hey i dnt know how to play and i was About to finish
NinerNiner (5 March 2014):
wierd game  Sad
SportsGuy2014 (26 January 2014):
I don't get it. Sad
Chelsea21 (26 April 2013):
Perfect game Clap hands  Clap hands
Taarabt7 (4 April 2013):
3D can't imagen its 3D Clap hands
yugijoey (25 March 2013):
favorite tennis game
    Happy  Happy
10spring (12 February 2013):
lost in the final, good game Happy  Sad
ATK123_ (9 February 2013):
i won Happy  Happy  Happy
umz123 (3 February 2013):
I went to the semi-final and lost Sad
but i still luv it  Clap hands
Boris Busta Banda (1 February 2013):
Good game :-) :D
kowshik (25 January 2013):
good game Cool  Cool
Boris Busta Banda (16 January 2013):
very goof game and nice Happy  Wink  Clap hands
sabfab (6 January 2013):
i won
lomaticc (21 December 2012):
it was very easy i may of lost but it was a good game it went like this: 1-0 down, 2-0 down, 2-1 down, 2-2 all, 3-2 down, 3-3 all and lost by adv which made it 4-3 win to computer
YINKA123 (6 December 2012):
RVPROCKS123 (6 December 2012):
so friken easy    Cool  Cool
steakdog (29 November 2012):
brilliant game!!! Clap hands  Clap hands
steakdog (27 November 2012):
pritty good game Clap hands
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