Downhill Jam

Speed thrills! This is a skateboard game and you need to be very good with your keyboard. The arrow keys help you manipulate the guy from the left to the right, but you have to be very careful because he is going downhill and at a very good speed, in the middle of the road. Please take care of the cars around him, otherwise you will crash away. You can increase your score by picking up shoes in the way and they are prices depending on the color. At the beginning you won�t have too much time to look into that, but with time you can really enjoy it!

Rating: 3.87 (452 votes) 3.87 out of 5
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DOWNHILL JAM - Comments:
coolman55 (4 August 2014):
coolwolf19 (15 March 2014):
Clap hands great game
sofi7 (10 March 2014):
:D super games
TadeTade123 (19 February 2014):
sooo good Cool  Wave
christiano456 (1 February 2014):
this game is sick
29cheer60 (18 January 2014):
Wave  Hmm...  Clap hands love it

emman44 (6 May 2013):
most epic  game ever Cool
fp316 (2 May 2013):
awesome beat it
vandango (18 April 2013):
i love this game
silver totw (20 March 2013):
sk8 4 life Cool
gooo9 (10 March 2013):
Lionel Messi is the best of the rest
Lionel messi is awsome (16 February 2013):
im world's best
Cool  Wink  Wave
Lionel messi is awsome (16 February 2013):
yo this game is tot's sick!!
zombigo77 (15 February 2013):
cool game and really easy
zombigo77 (15 February 2013):
easy but good
i rate
Clap hands  Clap hands
kieron the captain (2 February 2013):
wont come on but ive been on before and its cool
ronaldo34 (22 January 2013):
so sick Cool
sexyman25 (30 November 2012):
cool game and realy easy
Cool  Cool
willy (14 October 2012):
cool game Happy
rob (12 September 2012):
love it Cool
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