Extreme Racing 2

Stay on the racing track for 90 seconds, avoid the oil spills, cones and the other cars. Use only the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to play. To start the game select your car and click on "NewGame".

Rating: 3.19 (770 votes) 3.19 out of 5
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EXTREME RACING 2 - Comments:
jdog33 (30 May 2019):
so slow took 30 mins to load for me Sad
footballgamez11 (11 September 2016):
Clap hands   Sad  Sad
Bossmonster10 (17 March 2015):
good game Cool
Player Ronaldo907 (28 April 2014):
easy really easy can it be a bit harder Hmm...
Stewart swagzz (26 February 2014):
epic love it
Messi!!!!!! (22 January 2014):
How good is this!!!
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jonatest (25 April 2013):
this is awesome
demba ba (17 March 2013):
dont really like it because it is to hard.
iker (23 February 2013):
good game
lilj4438 (14 February 2013):
ljthefootballman (13 February 2013):
i im ljthefootballman sis i hate this game but ljthefootballman won  5 times in a row Happy
roachy1234 (2 February 2013):
I won but t was terribal Sad
arsenal are the best (15 January 2013):
absaloutly terrible game
ronaldo54 (8 January 2013):

i won!! but it was a terrible and boring game i thought it was gonna be cool and awesome!! Sad  Hmm...

aqdusanam@gmail.com (23 December 2012):
good game Clap hands  Happy
hammmmmad (30 September 2012):
Very cool game Cool
parthi (19 July 2012):
very nice cars Wave  Happy
barca-fc (7 July 2012):
dumbest game in the world Sad
011452 (30 June 2012):
yes i agree with bongani8
Manchester united 4 ever (24 June 2012):
this game is dumb Sad
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