Intercept the ball with your striker and he will kick it automatically. There need to be at least one ball in play or you'll lose possession. The aim of the game is to get as much money as you can.

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SOCCERNOID - Comments:
bence (4 June 2015):
good Wave
ALEXMCD9 (24 December 2012):
HUNGabor (3 July 2012):
bad game Sad
firth_alexander (24 June 2012):
City  @ re the best! Champion5
Ajwad (16 February 2012):
the best game  Clap hands  Clap hands
amelia1884 man u (13 February 2012):
This games the best who is with meee Wave  Clap hands
ThierryHenry14 (10 January 2012):
good game but kinda boring  Clap hands  Sad
Demoman (4 January 2012):
114, 365 beat it !!
Division Estonia 1 Cool  Happy  Wave
chelsea -fan bro (1 June 2011):
awsome game
Supergoal1 (15 May 2011):
THIS GAME ROCKS  Clap hands  Clap hands
Fernando Torres 444 (27 March 2011):
oh man best Cool  Wave
Humza England (9 September 2010):
Nick 00 (13 July 2010):
good game Wink  Sad  Happy  Wave
heath (14 June 2010):
no your not
misaaa.p (28 April 2010):
i am the best men Cool
Jaydogz (23 April 2010):
THis is a good game
DavidBeckham2010 (19 April 2010):
i am david beckham really
DavidBeckham2010 (19 April 2010):
it is the best man Cool  Happy
manchester utd rock10 (18 April 2010):
its like soccer smash Clap hands  Clap hands
cgirl45 (17 April 2010):
hey i think i like this game who's with me hea hea :D Happy  ; )
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