Pass and Move Football Training

The aim of the games is to train with the ball for as long as you can. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the ball (or the player in possession). Use your players to keep the ball in play. Goalies kick the ball further up the field. Avoid the refs and the cones.

Rating: 3.57 (133 votes) 3.57 out of 5
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Tin Ribs United (31 December 2014):
League two.
profa.14 (3 February 2014):
i thing is very good Clap hands
ikerspi (1 May 2013):
alright but i have played better Cool  Cool
nazinator007 (8 April 2013):
Easy but rubbish i got 98346  Sad  
mw3 man (12 February 2012):
  Happy a ggod game
rma (29 March 2011):
hard for my bruver
messibcfc (20 February 2011):
OMG!!! spain lost to japan Cool
adnanali (8 February 2011):
ecudjoe (2 February 2011):
wicked game
v.rajdeep (8 December 2010):
Great! Wave
NIALL TURNBULL (5 December 2010):
ok game
dark_shadow2012 (22 November 2010):
oh really mohamed.essam20 and also you are a kid and the supervisor of kids because you also played this game FUB Happy  Happy
Geo1004 (19 November 2010):
mohammed.essam20 (15 November 2010):
it is for kids like u allllll
bogeyman10 (3 November 2010):
too easy Sad
steven gerrard no1 fan (25 July 2010):
this game is sick it should definatly be rated as a five star Clap hands
hubertboii (13 July 2010):
its very good what r this people talking about Cool  Clap hands
ronaldinho2010 (5 June 2010):
cr ap Cool
heath (20 April 2010):
Sad  Sad its crap
bellinger (17 April 2010):
i dont now how to play it oh wait a minute yes i do you need to get the ball in the stars Clap hands
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