Lateral Collateral 2

Your mission in this awesome NFL game is to carrying the ball into the opposing team's end zone. Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow to pass the ball to a teammate in line with you, UP and DOWN arrow keys to move the active player up and down.

Rating: 4.03 (356 votes) 4.03 out of 5
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mo760 (6 September 2015):
it's well sick Cool  Cool  Wink
LiverPool Man (1 February 2014):
1 page of Football games but 12 of Soccer(that's right im American and like a British team, lol) but seriously y so many Soccer games @  Hmm...  @
demon1232 (10 May 2013):
really cool game Clap hands  Cool
!NAYIM! (23 April 2013):
i got 2 level 16 it is so hard after level 12
taylorgang35 (17 April 2013):
this games is so awesome Happy
cooldude (26 February 2013):
but now level 20
cooldude (21 February 2013):
your good Clap hands  i got to level five Hmm...
lamine the best (12 February 2013):
i got 2 level 12 Cool
lilmaxie (2 February 2013):
awesome game Wave  Clap hands
elijahrockz (30 January 2013):
a interesting game  Hmm...  very very interesting  Hmm...
elijahrockz (28 January 2013):
This game is epic
ronald7 (22 January 2013):
856 Happy  Clap hands
lilmaxie (27 December 2012):
this game is the boom people Wave  Wink
lionel6000 (24 November 2012):
this game is cool Cool
lionel6000 (24 November 2012):
I am cool at this Cool
cjbc (26 August 2012):
rugby is better than nfl.go the all blacks and the turbos.
GAME_FREAK13 (16 June 2012):
really awsome game Happy
Mon3yAllDay (12 June 2012):
dis game is cool
FireFighter (7 June 2012):
kinda good but a bit rubbish Hmm...  Sad
FireFighter (5 June 2012):
awesome game Happy  Happy
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