Soccer World Cup 2010

Soccer World Cup 2010 brings point-and-click full-pitch intensity to your web browser. Select one of the contending squads of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Click anywhere on the pitch to determine where you want the player in possession to kick the ball. Hold down the left mouse button longer for more power. The idea is simple, but gameplay is fast. If you can keep up with the pace, you'll feel that wonderful feeling that Sebastian Abreu felt when he tapped in his penalty kick against Ghana to bring Uruguay to the semi-finals.

Rating: 3.70 (1525 votes) 3.70 out of 5
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SOCCER WORLD CUP 2010 - Comments:
manurules (31 December 2015):
impossible Hmm...  Hmm...
Barca_fan (17 June 2015):
mustafashurkian11 (14 February 2015):
this game is awsome Happy  Happy  Happy
Ifty Azad (8 August 2014):
NICE............................GAME Clap hands  Cool
lampad234 (21 May 2014):
it is kinda slow Sad.but it is the best game in the world  Cool  Happy
EvertonRocks123 (19 May 2014):
its ok i like it Wink
Hazard19 (3 May 2014):
Chelsea-5-0 West Ham
philasande (11 May 2013):
won every match there is
philasande (11 May 2013):
(brazil)3-0 (civ) Clap hands  Cool  Happy
philasande (10 May 2013):
rsa and brazil
7     -    0 Wave  Cool  Clap hands
wunpini (29 March 2013):
yes i won the titlte it is EASY Wave  Cool
shane5678 (15 March 2013):
This game is EASY!!
willy (10 February 2013):
good game
adam93633 (13 January 2013):
Dumb game very dumb
havoc (12 January 2013):
this gamez veryzz coolz.......i love it Cool  Happy  Clap hands
Atif Nujaid (5 December 2012):
Oh..i lost in finals...this game will be best if using keyboard.. Sad
xakiinoow (26 November 2012):
Clap hands  so nice, the best game i ever played in the computer wonderful    
xakiinoow (25 November 2012):
i won the final 30-0  Happy
ChelseaLampard6 (30 October 2012):
every time my oppent gets a throw-in even when they kick it out Hmm...
usama (12 October 2012):
Wat a awesome game Cool
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