World's Strongest Man

Do you feel strong? Compete in 6 different events and try to win. For example you can do weight lifting, monster truck pull or Hercules hold. You are given two keys to handle the whole game with, and then it is up to you to win.

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mojtaba.eslami (28 October 2016):
awsome game is very easy Wave
DoctorDab (29 September 2016):
How do you play keg toss on 2nd move Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
Andrea Halili 003 (20 August 2016):
my finger tips are still burning... lol Happy  Happy  Happy
Andrea Halili 003 (20 August 2016):
weightlifting: 650 lb
hercules hold: 00:37
keg toss: 3.28 m
monster truck pull: 00:30
balance: 00:16 (that was sooo difficult)
score: 5878
world records: 2
final place: 1st
ROMANMESSI (5 December 2015):
you cant see me
football (25 January 2015):
WOW! Now that's what I call a comment! Happy
Don't know about the scores but I can officially confirm that this is the best comment ever made on
cheddar-cheesman (25 January 2015):
500 ib = warm up weights
1 mins 05 sec =keeping poles upright
1.33 meters = keg toss
31 sec = truck pull
14 = car lift
10 sec = balance
total world records broken 2 !!!
position = 1st
total score = 6490
comment what your score is... if you get a better score than me you are officially...
Good Luck

Happy    Wink    Cool   Wave
cheddar-cheesman (25 January 2015):
great game  Clap hands
xbot200 (21 November 2014):
i had 6709
i am best
thegreat17890 (20 October 2014):
swegmester (21 September 2014):
Clap hands  thats funny bc i got 6702 i have a screenshot but i can't post one here Sad

xbot200 (14 August 2014):
xbot200 (13 August 2014):
WHOOOO 6012!
cool game first place! easy game   Happy  Cool  Wave
man160 (9 August 2014):
Brilliant i'm fourth best in the world  Cool  Cool  Happy
Jason545 (7 August 2014):
@  Happy  Wink  nothing like that its #@$%
EvertonRocks123 (11 June 2014):
i am boss dude my braine was on a vacation on that one  Sad
10liamsl (22 May 2014):
good game but its a  Happy  Clap hands and a Sad  Hmm...
astonvilla151 (5 March 2014):
YEAH 1000 KG
Dasher55 (19 February 2014):
It's challenging, but really good.  Clap hands (10 February 2014):
my fab game ever Cool
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