Beckham Can Still Play

Do you remember the 010 World cup prep? Basically the same game, but now David Beckham Theme.
Instructions: Left - Right arrow keys to position your player. Press numeric 1 key to head high passes, 2 to volley and 3 key to kick a low ground shot.
To kick towards the right corner, wait until the ball is to the right of your right foot. To send it towards the left corner, kick when it's to the left of your right foot. You can also head/kick back balls saved and deflected by the goal keeper.

Rating: 4.10 (959 votes) 4.10 out of 5
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SharkKillerGamerBoy (24 July 2020):
my mom can do better game
usman-neymar10 (18 October 2014):
It's just a copy of Neymar can play!!!
callum4595 (12 May 2014):
this games crap my nan could make better
Hmm...  Sad
Player Ronaldo907 (11 April 2014):
Do you believe I got 0  and I registered and I came way down the learderboard Hmm...
math70081 (29 March 2014):
terriblest game EVER!! Sad  Hmm...
as (12 March 2014):
my gramma can to better Wave  Cool
michaelU (23 February 2014):
OMGitsme125 (20 February 2014):
hate it Sad
RONALDO VS MESSI (12 May 2013):
average game Hmm...
franki9915513manutd (3 April 2013):
love  this game Happy  Happy
Messi092 (2 April 2013):
Got 130  Happy  Clap hands  Cool
zombigo77 (16 March 2013):
way better than 70 i got 1782
Esseeja (19 February 2013):
way better than 40. i got 170.
Esseeja (19 February 2013):
not as better as 140 Happy. my new high SCORE!
CR7MASTER (17 February 2013):
my second score was 40 (bit better)
Happy  Happy
Esseeja (10 February 2013):
great game.
13o  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Esseeja (8 February 2013):
great game. Clap hands
EpicRonaldo (1 February 2013):
the game is boring!
blaise (19 January 2013):
i love it Happy
blaise (19 January 2013):
best game ever play it and you'll understand Happy  Happy  Clap hands wwwhhhhooo!!!
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