Retro Electro Football

Do you like tricks? You are going to have to make sure that you understand the rules of this one. It is not as simple as you may think, and you need to first select your players, and see whether you are in the defensive or the offensive. Once that starts, then you have to vibrate the table. Depending on that your team will move, and sometimes you feel as if it is all going in the wrong direction. Lots of practice will keep you winning at all times!

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12fan (14 April 2020):
i won on my second try
12fan (14 April 2020):
i actually lost
sammyboyjr (3 December 2016):
Nathan M Purvis (30 November 2016):
1st game won 31 18
xXEA88_MLGXx (24 November 2016):
1st: 6-0
2nd: 16-0
3rd: 16-3
End of game: 19-3 Cool
xXEA88_MLGXx (22 November 2016):
End of 1st: 6-6
End of 2nd: 23-6
End of 3rd: 23-13
Final score: 38-13 because wing pass and 2pt converts Cool
aditya290 (4 October 2016):
i got
so people be jealous
Clap hands
aditya290 (4 October 2016):
Happy i was so good u wont had believed it  Cool  Happy  Clap hands yep ahaaa
xXEA88_MLGXx (27 February 2016):
End of 1st: 0-3
End of 2nd: 7-3
End of 3rd: 7-3
End of Game: 28-3 Cool
adaskarol (2 January 2016):
I made a towchdown in 2 secends left  Happy  Cool
bence (12 November 2015):
1.qtr 00:17- 0:13
match over 38-13 Cool   Clap hands
bence (27 June 2015):
1st qtr 12:6
halftime 20:13
3rd qtr 28:32
end match 34:32 Happy  Happy
ko_hankinator (17 March 2015):
New Game:
1st quarter: 7-9 Sad (I have a not good kickoff return team. Immediate safety.)
2nd quarter: 14-16 (Still losing 'cause of the other team's last second TD)
3rd quarter: 22-22 Hmm... (My 2 point conversion is GOOD! Leading to a tie.)
4th quarter: 35-22  Happy  Clap hands  Wave (My defense is superior with 2 interceptions!)
ko_hankinator (17 March 2015):
49ers: 21
Raiders: 18
(Raiders never passed it for some reason...)
betterthanyu101 (1 February 2015):
SOOO easy  45-28
jdogg341 (11 October 2014):
i played this and i won 35 to 17
RomanLegions (6 August 2014):
awesome game evar! Cool  Happy
powerup456 (20 May 2014):
this game is so cool Happy
scarface50 (18 May 2014):
Clap hands love this game
ad.attack296 (22 February 2014):
this game is legit Wink  Sad
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