Penalty Rush

The direction and the strength of the shoot are continuously changing, so when you think that the direction and the strength are the best to score a goal, click the left mouse button. You should score three goals in 60 seconds in order to win.

Rating: 3.45 (224 votes) 3.45 out of 5
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PENALTY RUSH - Comments:
sports4life (21 July 2015):
this game is no good I tell ya.
Bingo5656 (25 December 2014):
50/50 but i scored 2 goals out of 3
kinster5555 (14 December 2014):
worst game evere
owolabi (8 May 2013):
good game
Ronaldo11179 (3 April 2013):
onaldo has scored past galatasery
bestsportever (11 February 2013):
worst game ever
andres rodriguezcr7 (26 January 2013):
worst game in the world!! ;(
Patrick55667788 (26 January 2013):
i hate/like this game!!! Hmm...
liverpool fan 321 (4 January 2013):
worst game ever Hmm...   Sad
i love brighton (29 December 2012):
not a very good game
rigby9 (17 December 2012):
this is prety easy Cool  Hmm...
Arklow united FC (8 February 2012):
This game  is so bad. I win all the time,it should be crap  penaltys
cristiano messi (21 December 2011):
most poppy game ever
liverpool31 (20 December 2011):
CRAP game EVER!!  Happy
tyrrell (27 November 2011):
worst game ever
kumailamir (26 November 2011):
world worst game ever Sad
devante246 (3 June 2011):
Cool this game is so sick @
lebanon123 (30 May 2011):
hate this game Sad
ChelseaBoi91 (20 May 2011):
i won this game irs 2 easy 2 do
naquib46 (13 May 2011):
okey memang gempak
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