Ski Jump DX

Press the UP key once to go down the ramp (try to get the power bar full and green), press UP again to jump when you reach the bottom of the ramp. While in the air use LEFT / RIGHT arrow keys to balance your jumper and achieve more air time.

Rating: 4.02 (296 votes) 4.02 out of 5
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SKI JUMP DX - Comments:
Archie_Owen_2003 (2 August 2016):
This game is awful  Sad (13 February 2014):
good game Clap hands

shabani70 (23 April 2013):
cool game  Cool  Clap hands
lucas_franca (8 December 2012):
I dont like it Sad
Rooney0 (8 October 2012):
-28.5! Happy
Rooney0 (12 July 2012):
-27.42 Happy  Sad  Wink
pele10 (10 July 2012):
315.3 Cool   Clap hands
Rooney0 (24 May 2012):
-16.98  Sad  Wink  Cool  
pele10 (23 May 2012):
go (21 May 2012):
I agree with Torres it is a great gamer but it needs a little more work how many goes you  Wave
go (15 May 2012):
it is very good. I like the score board  
Jodi (10 January 2012):
I like it
liammckay (14 May 2011):
its a great game
Fernando Torres 444 (27 March 2011):
its a great gamer Hmm...
Prime Dawg (18 March 2011):
the best game!!cus its Cool
taylorc (17 March 2011):
it is the best game i have ever played
jacob.mwanza (14 February 2011):
quite good bit it needs levlls
BARCAfcb (7 February 2011):
not bed Hmm...
sdaro (28 January 2011):
I can't jump more than 104 metres
bruce.thurmond (16 January 2011):
cool Cool
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