Red Card

Your opponent has the ball and you have to take it from him, in any way you can :) Use arrow keys to move your player, press 1-5 keys to execute moves.

Rating: 3.45 (310 votes) 3.45 out of 5
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RED CARD - Comments:
connor1234 (22 January 2017):
cool people (27 August 2016):
Great I love it except. Y da
d said get off. I then middle of it

Wave  Cool  Cool
fcxc jr (27 September 2014):
bad   stupid  game!!  do  not  play!!! Sad  Sad
Ifty Azad (22 August 2014):
very bad Sad  Sad
LackadaisicalThunderXD (2 May 2014):
I failed completely lol
Aryaan14 (19 February 2014):
the worst game in the world
my rating is .23 but it is funny
Bellaj (6 February 2014):
This game is so boring my grandma is for intertaining than this stupid game Sad  @
RYANLH919 (1 February 2014):
this is a alright game Hmm...
eudes09 (7 February 2013):
best game ever
MM-9009 (18 January 2013):
Wave i play football in school
joshkramer1234 (29 November 2012):
not so good Sad
Zakkie1878 (13 October 2012):
Good and Bad at the same time lol
maggie120 (2 October 2012):
this game is dumb Sad
aguero (16 July 2012):
this game is so dam boring, stupid, ridiculios, terrible and the worst game ever!!! Sad
gothbeast77 (12 July 2012):
worst of the worst Sad
christiansir (22 June 2012):
ENGLAND (10 June 2012):
its ok (^^^)
ldld (10 June 2012):
george114 (9 June 2012):
image that in real life Sad
coolyguy (20 May 2012):
way too boring man
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