How to dive and cheat

Online tutorial about how to dive and cheat on the football pitch. Very Funny!

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Sable (16 February 2014):
the ronldo 3 was weird
Sable (16 February 2014):
what about the zanuzai
manchester united skillz (15 February 2014):
good but swearing in iy Sad  Hmm...
BETTER (22 January 2014):
The RED one was stupid!!!
kieron the captain (28 May 2013):
People who dive are idiots!!!
zidane2002 (23 February 2013):
love it i want to use one in the game i will try the gerrard
xXTheEpicZombieXx (22 February 2013):
So funny!!
I nearly laughed my head off!!
Happy  Cool  Clap hands
jamie00101 (6 February 2013):
its very funny
nadal6 (4 November 2012):
i hate diving like barcelona wach them carefuly and u would see
YNWAjoel*-*JFT96 (31 October 2012):
im a liverpool fan but ive got to admit gerrard does dive like that
Football is the best (6 October 2012):
LOL SO FUNNY Happy  Happy
solomon (23 September 2012):
the blue was funny
jacob8rocks (7 August 2012):
this video is really funny
littlemessi (8 July 2012):
A.O.N.S. O MILON (27 June 2012):
they must put and the king, the leader of divers, Giorgos Karagounis Clap hands  Happy  Wave
Storm 0109 (7 June 2012):
Yeah Tekkans Right  Sad
abdul_r (4 June 2012):
thats funny
Shajen22 (12 May 2012):
the ronaldo 2 was the closest to winning you a free kick Clap hands
amplax (28 January 2012):
so funny
mohammed kasim (9 January 2012):
half of them are so obvious that the ref will no that was a dive
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