Hand of Henry

Thierry Henry has been blamed for depriving Ireland of a place in the 2010 World Cup with a deliberate foul. Help him hand ball, but don't not when the Ref is looking.

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HAND OF HENRY - Comments:
manurules (31 December 2015):
??? its almost impossible to score Hmm...  Hmm...  Wave
isaak (4 May 2014):
just  epic  Clap hands to both the creators and http://www.myfootballgames.co.uk
arsenalkid1234 (8 April 2014):
I hate this game
footyman07 (20 February 2014):
boring game
OMGitsme125 (9 February 2014):
not well Cool to Sad and from that  Hmm...
FIFA_LEGEND_101 (29 January 2014):
ukluke (9 May 2013):
scored 8 its easy Cool
RYAN86 (6 May 2013):
Wish ireland were in 2010 world cup but thanks to henry they weren't  Sad
drogba_cfc (2 April 2013):
love ireland but scored twice Sad
ousmane121 (29 March 2013):
I only scored  1
WALCOTT14 (20 February 2013):
hard game scores 2
Daniel2452 (4 February 2013):
it was on green then the ref CAUGHT me   Cool
DonHardeep (8 June 2012):
This actually happened in REAL LIFE! Cool
Demoman (6 February 2012):
I got 8 goals and the 9 came then, when i have red card, because Kassai give it to me. Sad
Demoman (6 February 2012):
Referee : Viktor Kassai
Ireland 3:0 France
Thierry Henry  3:0 Shay Given
Demoman (2 January 2012):
Wave  I like Thierry Henry
Ireland. Do not play that !!!! Hmm...
messi1100 (1 January 2012):
when the ball comes it is always red
don20 (29 December 2011):
nice game i beat any 1
lucas21 (16 December 2011):
1 goal 2 but ref looked apparantly how much did you pay him Clap hands
cvbngmbv (5 December 2011):
hope its a good game
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