Gravity Football

Show your 'football gravity' skills and score more goals than your opponent. In order to score you have to hit the opponent goalkeeper with the ball and this is not an easy task, at first :)

Rating: 3.80 (213 votes) 3.80 out of 5
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Mattytat (27 February 2014):
Cool love it
aseganteng (1 January 2013):
the games is very cool Cool
HUNGabor (25 June 2012):
good  Clap hands
naisharn (22 December 2011):
this game is kind of hard i only won 2 matches
littlemaster (6 December 2011):
it is okay but a bit too easy Hmm...
Hernandez14 (11 June 2011):
ilMareGames nice game Wave  Clap hands
guardian (31 May 2011):
too easy  Clap hands  Happy
camweena 2010 (1 April 2011):
i like ittt
Highriskrescue (31 December 2010):
Rubbish!!! but I love when it loads you see a Manchester United player Cool  Sad
Nani17man utd (17 December 2010):
bad game Sad
andrej/messi (25 October 2010):
yo wats up im the second best soccer player in the whole skool year 5 good game and easy
Sonic X (8 August 2010):
This game is fun but sometimes annoying and unfair... I need to make up my mind... Hmm...
ilMareGames (15 January 2010):
Hi guys, I'm the developer of this game, I have plans to make a Gravity Football sequel soon. If you have any suggestions please them to
malikezi (8 January 2010):
good but hard  Hmm...  Clap hands
sportgames (23 December 2009):
i like ittt
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