Funny Football Moments

Funny Football Moments recaps some of the silliest football mishaps of 2013 and 2014. From obscure misses in front of an open net to absurd goalkeeping blunders, this video will keep you giggling until time expires. To think that fans brave the fiercest weather conditions to observe such amateur behaviours on the pitch from so-called "professionals" is quite a hilarious matter. Footballers tackling officials and tripping over corner flags provide some of the most enjoyable entertainment of your day. Don't get sucked in for too long, though. You don't want to hit the pitch with the likes of John Terry expecting every player out there to cut you these kinds of breaks.

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anubhab roy (23 December 2014):
best funny moments Clap hands
Rooney leg (1 March 2014):
Feel sorry for the streakers!
Jammy-J (11 April 2013):
It's Hilarious isn't it Esseeja Clap hands  Wave  Happy
Esseeja (20 February 2013):
viedo of the year
xXTheEpicZombieXx (20 February 2013):
This so funny and hilarious!!!
Happy LAWL!
bigmonkey17 (29 January 2013):
53 seconds troll lol lol Happy
el chicharito14 (22 October 2012):
i kould score all of them wit my eyes closed  Cool
ninosnitsakis (29 September 2012):
in minute 2:35 haha bili torosidhs
lionelmessi98 (21 September 2012):
Eric cantona got run for his money
2old4this (20 August 2012):
dumb angry soccer players it is a waste of time of using violence and red and yellow card!!!
mata44 (6 July 2012):
This isn't worth watching Sad
Mealman (30 June 2012):
2:15 he try to be cool
Mealman (30 June 2012):
pinkyoshi (13 June 2012):
AT 4:29. does that count? it was funny Cool  Cool
chelsea fc rock forever (3 June 2012):
this is a waste of time
DanielHovo (25 January 2012):
Its a best football video in the world
SAFCboy23 (26 December 2011):
awesome apart from when guy on stretcher is dropped Cool  Wave
Chevy (26 December 2011):
Is football injury so funny?  Sad
chelseafcguy (24 November 2011):
THAT IS THE BEST SHOW EVER IN MY EN TIRE LIFE!! 10/10  Clap hands  Clap hands
wayne rooney 4 eva (9 June 2011):
10/10 Happy
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