Euro 2008 volley cup

In Euro 2008 Volley Cup, work with Robin van Persie's Dutch side to progress through a tournament with Europe's most notable squads. Wait for the cross at the edge of the penalty box. Move your mouse to pull your striker where he is needed. Click the left mouse button to swat the ball at the most opportune time as you attempt to direct it around the scattered defenders with enough power to get it beyond the goalkeeper. Sometimes finding just the right avenue between defenders is more reliable than taking a shot from a difficult outside angle, as this may result in sending a shot into the stands.

Rating: 3.72 (329 votes) 3.72 out of 5
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EURO 2008 VOLLEY CUP - Comments:
bence (4 June 2015):
i draw finl opponent won unfair!!!
TjLutete (10 January 2015):
crappest game ive played Sad  Sad
rooy3008 (20 March 2013):
great game but the graphics are terrible Wave
heath (23 November 2012):
this game is a bit boring  Hmm...
olly8 (20 November 2012):
hard to score but won a few never won hole thing good game.
barney124 (7 October 2012):
wins 3
draws 0 got to the semi but lost agaist greece
loses 2
barney124 (6 October 2012):
i love this game
bobson 11 (26 September 2012):
this game is hard but ok :v
meatball (3 August 2012):
played as Italy, Italy 2-2 Holland. Italy 1-3 France. Italy 3-2 Romania. I Finished in 3rd place and the champion is Romania. Happy  Sad  Cool
meatball (3 August 2012):
Finnished 2nd in group lost to holland 2-1 champion poland i like this game Clap hands  Wink  Happy
firo18 (12 July 2012):
worst game ever Sad
angelch (6 July 2012):
hard and boring game Sad
kofi635 (2 July 2012):
im swizerland  round one turkey v swizerland3-3
round two switerland v portugal2-3
round three swizerland v chech republic3-2 i lost crap Sad
Storm 0109 (7 June 2012):
First game:

Me 3 - 2 Switzarland
Storm 0109 (7 June 2012):
Really hard game Hmm... but epic Happy
ronaldo#7 (1 June 2012):
Ronaldo8361 (8 February 2012):
I beat spain in the final being portugal Cool  Clap hands  Cool
ArchieAmazing10 (22 December 2011):
thos game needs a grip Hmm...  Hmm...
Liverpoolrule554 (22 December 2011):
good but hard 8/10 Hmm...
Englandrule (12 December 2011):
I beat Poland in the final 5-2 being Spain  Happy
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