Penalty Fever Plus

Pick your favourite club and lead them to the title in this penalty shoot-out challenge. In order to shoot properly, you will need to make two mouse clicks. The FIRST CLICK will make your player move towards the ball. In the same time, it determines where your player "intends" to shoot if no second click is made - making it possible to trick the goalkeeper. The SECOND CLICK determines the final direction and height of the ball. Be careful how long you keep your finger on the mouse this time. Just press it and release it immediately. When defending, click on the part of the goal where you'd like your goalkeeper to dive. You will see a red marker just before the opponent shoots, showing the direction of the shot.

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dinojesus9854 (18 October 2014):
cool game Cool  Wave  Wink
TheGamingNerd (20 September 2014):
A cool addictive game, but it's always over the bar :/
Reece ppl (19 August 2014):
always over the bar
Soccerhockeyfan (25 May 2014):
I was Czech Republic
Czech 3-0 Croatia Happy
Czech 3-1 Argentina  Clap hands  Clap hands
Czech 2-3 Germany
Sad  Sad
CraigFarrell (4 March 2014):
spanish cup 5 times REAL MADRID.....
english cup 3 ttimes MAN UNITED......
championscup  2times BARCA and BAYERN Happy
Rooney leg (14 February 2014):
won 4-2 with manunited against Newastle in final!
AnastasisP (3 February 2014):
i win the spanish cup with barca, 3 times the champions cup with panathinaikos,the english cup with man un  Happy  Happy  Happy
Rooney leg (31 January 2014):
i was in the final. lost 4-3.
the kid (23 January 2014):
good game Clap hands
juninho123 (20 January 2014):
this game is beast aff Clap hands
the kid (19 January 2014):
never 1  a matck Sad
ousmane121 (28 May 2013):
is this game cool
olsi domi (28 May 2013):
this game is hard but cool Clap hands  Clap hands
Jonyboypro (28 May 2013):
This game is so retarded
AnastasisP (12 May 2013):
i win the spanish cup with my favourite team barcaaa
Savo (1 May 2013):
Great game guys! I won 3 times with Panathinaikos the european cup! Cool  Cool  Happy
massep (29 April 2013):
i win mondial cup with england
cristaino ronaldo (28 April 2013):
good good I beat evero0ne
AnastasisP (27 April 2013):
this game is fantastic. i win with panathinaikos 2 times the european cup  Happy  Happy
Chelsea21 (26 April 2013):
Win in World cup with croatia.In final played
Croatia 4:2 France Wave
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