Super Bowl Defender

Defend your end zone and super bowl. Tackle running backs of all kinds of speed and other surprises. As you progress and earn credits use them to get better shoes and energy drinks to upgrade your speed and agility. Move your player with arrow keys. UP to run, left right to turn. (w,a,s,d can also be used ) Press Z key or SPACE bar when close enough to tackle your opponent.

Rating: 3.76 (274 votes) 3.76 out of 5
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cyel1 (30 August 2015):
sweet game  Wave  Clap hands
NLMB3150ROCBLOC (19 December 2014):
this is weak
XxNozzaxX (10 March 2014):
cool game Clap hands    Cool
Mr. Nice Guy (22 February 2014):
The Car Is Easy To Tackle!
Mr. Nice Guy (22 February 2014):
Good game though! Wave  Cool  Clap hands
boob (15 February 2014):
high score is 123
SportsGuy2014 (25 January 2014):
Not very fun Sad
lil-danny (27 February 2013):
i love football
KadenTheMan (13 October 2012):
grate game Clap hands... but a little stupit when they add the car Hmm...
tmatthieujr#7 (22 September 2012):
i dont get it Hmm...
tojo77 (1 August 2012):
when the two guys are running at you i struggled  Sad
jroc (24 June 2012):
i cant get 2
serginaz (6 June 2012):
swagger4418 (18 February 2012):
cant get the porshe   Hmm...  Sad
robot3773 (8 February 2012):
just comeplet it Cool  Wave
mcleanmaster (11 May 2011):
pissed bowled a porshe Cool owned the backs Clap hands  Wave agree with u cooldog360
xD321 (21 April 2011):
owned a porshe without moving xD
Chamberlain07 (22 March 2011):
this is not rugby Sad
eliblalock (22 February 2011):
dino123 (9 January 2011):
it ok Happy
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