Top 20 Football Misses

The shots you will witness in Top 20 Football Misses might make you so embarassed that you will be forced to look away. Just when it seems a thousand times more difficult to miss than to score, these players earning millions of pounds every season send the ball above the crossbar. Watch the Brazilian legend Mazinho flake a shot wide of an open net, followed shortly thereafter by a John Carew miss in front of an empty goal. Perhaps we all have a margin of error in our gameplay. No one would've expected such a margin to be this big, though!

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Joe_AVFC (19 May 2019):
some of them aren't that bad  Hmm...
Andrea Halili 003 (18 August 2016):
I would like to see the creator of the video do better...
RYANLH919 (11 March 2015):
I bet it is harder to miss them shots than to tap it in.
EvertonRocks123 (2 January 2015):
thats just sad, if they were just to keep their cool they would have scored beautiful goals!(some were not beautiful though, loL)
Bingo5656 (27 December 2014):
whoever shoots that are rubbish
Bingo5656 (26 December 2014):
in school a 15 year old guy missed anyway i was in goal he shot middle smashed it really hard ( I saves it can you believe it
Bingo5656 (26 December 2014):
my friend AYMEN he missed an open shot i was a goalkeeper and he hit the post and he shot it with right foot ( LOL)
.:BlackBird:. (11 December 2014):
I MISS MY "CR7"Cristiano RONALDO Cool
birdrail (25 May 2014):
how do they miss
mexico germany rules (3 May 2014):
i will score all
supermessi101 (14 April 2014):
rubbish footballers Hmm...
giorgi kharebava (3 April 2014):
2:15 he liyed whole club and missed Sad
hazzard10 (22 February 2014):
1:54 how did he miss that Wink  @  Clap hands
barca4ever (22 February 2014):
what the... If all these chances came to me I would've scored it by using Ronaldinho's move "the header"
therocking1638 (18 February 2014):
OMG are you kidding  Hmm...
Sable (16 February 2014):
my hamster, rabbit , dog and the pebbles in my garden could scores these  @
prem (8 February 2014):
not very bad exciting Happy  Happy  Cool
doger (24 January 2014):
i love to see misses and goals  Wave  @  Happy
BETTER (22 January 2014):
These are epic miss (me and my sister,who is 2 years old can even score this goals)! Cool  Wink
shemar (7 May 2013):
Those are some epic songs but even epic misses Happy  Cool
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