Block rapid-fire shots with your mouse as you control a pair of goalkeeper gloves in Goalkeeper. See if you can match Brad Guzan's reaction skills by swatting ball after ball away from trouble. Just drag the goalkeeper's gloves around the screen as the shots fly in, but watch out for bricks. They'll knock points right off your score. Long save streaks will increase your points by quite a bit, but collisions with bricks and missed saves set those bonus points back at the beginning. See whether you can gather more than fifty points during your first few attempts.

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GOALKEEPER - Comments:
Ronaldofan2001 (15 November 2014):
I got 251
messi3357 (7 April 2014):
try and beat me high score 450 Wave  Happy
messi3357 (7 April 2014):
I got 438 as my high score Clap hands  Happy  Sad
sean christopher (2 April 2014):
IN MY FIRST try i got 168 Clap hands  Clap hands  Wink
Dasher55 (29 March 2014):
top score 152
MafiaPlayer (26 January 2014):
this rules
YoStuartYo11 (5 May 2013):
Sad  Wink  Wave Good fun
Chelsea rule 12 (28 April 2013):
133 my score
fergus10 (14 April 2013):
My high score is 66 points
suarez_2001 (7 April 2013):
beat this 33 boo-yaaa jk Happy
franki9915513 man utd (17 March 2013):
i think it is fun Hmm...  Clap hands  @
roney (16 February 2013):
my lowest score 183 lol  Happy
roney (16 February 2013):
my score 220  Cool
sebastianlegand123 (28 January 2013):
my score 319
C.ronadol (15 December 2012):
my score 405
Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
nell messi rocks10 (11 December 2012):
messi is awesome Cool  Happy
mohti (6 December 2012):
thats not great game Wink
roney (6 December 2012):
i wish i could get 1000 lol  Cool
roney (4 December 2012):
beat me own high score 159 get in there  Wave  Cool  Hmm...
Liverpoolrule554 (2 December 2012):
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