Back Street Soccer

Back Street Soccer is a Korean street soccer arcade game released by SunA in 1996. One of 14 international teams can be selected. The game is played on the street with a 'street fighter' element to the soccer. Use Arrow Keys to move the player. X to shoot, C to do a pass.

Rating: 4.07 (2283 votes) 4.07 out of 5
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adaskarol (21 August 2016):
coolman55 (1 July 2015):
I have never lost and I've won about 30 times
tarun99 (23 April 2015):
I scored 8 power shots at a time
arsenforever (14 December 2014):
this game is awsome  Happy  even though its veryn old Cool  Wink  Clap hands
TH-6853 (24 April 2014):
omg i cant do a power kick  Sad
h-bomb (14 April 2014):
why can't u do a power kick Sad
ry_chap711 (27 February 2014):
like a boss
lilred devil24 (20 February 2014):
iv been playing this since i was 6
now i am 10
freakenhector (7 February 2014):
i have been playing since 2009
mexicanspiderman90 (2 February 2014):
this game is incredible Happy  Wink  Wave
messironaldothebest (22 January 2014):
their face does not match when they celebrate a goal
Anth (18 January 2014):
I agree with

This Game is terrible  Sad  Sad
mo760 (16 January 2014):
this game i sooo easyyy Cool  Clap hands  Happy
philasande (11 May 2013):
this game is 4 freaks i hate it Sad
Jaden118 (6 May 2013):
It is a weird but good game
Taarabt7 (3 May 2013):
They look like aliens Hmm...
spark man utd (28 April 2013):
best game Clap hands

jakefighter1234 (23 April 2013):
awesome game  Clap hands  Happy
Gerrard123 (20 April 2013):
I really don't like it Sad
raul80000 (19 April 2013):
Clap hands  Clap hands this is awesome
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