010 World cup prep

Pick one of available national teams and prepare for the 2010 world cup. Shoot volleys, headers or low ground kicks as you try to beat the keeper.
Instructions: Left - Right arrow keys to position your player. Press numeric 1 key to head high passes, 2 to volley and 3 key to kick a low ground shot.
You have 10 tries, each with 2 possible passes (if you miss the first one, a second slower ball will pass by). If you score on the first pass of each try you earn 20 points, scoring on the second slower pass earns you 10 points.

Rating: 4.24 (8990 votes) 4.24 out of 5
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010 WORLD CUP PREP - Comments:
JESSE (4 August 2016):
its EASY Cool
JESSE (4 August 2016):
azmin (19 June 2016):
are you really really games easy
Dannylarge9 (7 June 2016):
Good Game Clap hands  Clap hands
mario gotze (15 April 2014):
i was all like this is so  Cool  Cool
lampad234 (27 February 2014):
way way to easy for me
mvp (19 February 2014):
i was all like dang!! Wave  Wink  Happy
chelseajames123 (18 January 2014):
sick game bruv Cool
cristano7messi1021 (11 May 2013):
really easy Happy
jaden1121 (3 April 2013):
great game its easy I won 22-1 Happy  Cool
godzilasnake0liver5 (17 March 2013):
Hmm...  grafics could be improved
Bravid (21 February 2013):
OK game could be improved
Seibert Soccer 3 (20 February 2013):
ugh i cant find a game i was playing earlier it was one where you had three super stars like beckham and two others and each had there own atributes but i forgot its name D: plz help!!!
faddatheviper (5 February 2013):
i am awesome you aren't Wave
ibby1065 (1 December 2012):
very good game i like it how do is it good or bad I choose good game   Wave  Hmm...
leon amoes (1 December 2012):
i like this to much.
subal_ghimire2396 (28 October 2012):
Happy good game and cool but pretty easy  Happy  Cool
messivsronaldo12345 (15 October 2012):
hard game really Sad
micmessi (13 October 2012):
TO easy man make it expert Wave
korey66 (4 October 2012):
its EASY update Happy  Happy  Happy
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