Striker Run

Mazy dribbling the length of the pitch! Can you get past the entire opposition and beat the keeper? Watch out for dodgy tackles from the opposing players...

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STRIKER RUN - Comments:
theamazingtimay (3 April 2014):
Tottenham 9 arsenal 0 easy but you can get injured strait away which is stupid also you cant lose and probably score straight away so I agree with Andy1021
Gofootballforever (8 March 2014):
I'm a striker myself in real life and good game Happy
AJDIN00 (28 February 2014):
most awesome game Happy  Cool
footyman07 (19 February 2014):
chelsea 5 porstmouth 0 boom Cool  Wink    Happy
footyman07 (18 February 2014):
most addictive game ever!  Happy    Wink
Gerrard123 (11 February 2014):
just like Saturday Liverpool 5- Arsenal 1
stride2014 (8 February 2014):
Wave it is good
giroud (22 January 2014):
arsenal 4-0 liverpool
FabregasMax (22 January 2014):
Ahh love this game Clap hands  Wave
Andy1021 (27 May 2013):
Manchester United 7 - 0 Manchester United. Whatever team you go you always beat your opponent, they can never score and it's so easy to score the first goal, so no matter what you always win.

This game is really good but gets boring after you played it about 3 times. Striker Run is a pretty addictive game but it does get crap.

Football Games is a good site to play games and communicate with others all over the world.

Sorry if it was too long I was bored so I felt like doing it  Happy  Wink  Cool
liverpool legend (7 May 2013):
this game is soooo additive  Happy
ethanpollitt11 (4 May 2013):
man u4-0wigan. wigan r a fail.
Gerrard123 (3 May 2013):
west-brom 10-man united 0
how rubbish can they get
ethanpollitt11 (3 May 2013):
man u5-0chelsea
Gerrard123 (2 May 2013):
thrashed Everton 7-0 Happy  Happy
jacobthebest (1 May 2013):
good game easy to  Clap hands  Cool
Bainsey3 (28 April 2013):
Everton 5 - 0 Liverpool ETID  Happy
scottxpro1290 (25 April 2013):
good game Happy  and easy Wave
roovanper1020 (20 April 2013):
roovanper1020 (20 April 2013):
way cool!
ManUtd RULE!!
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