Football Skills

If you can perform the types of moves and juggling demonstrated in Football Skills, you can certainly beat star defenders like Thiago Silva off the dribble. These well-practiced ball control specialists put their skills on display, dazzling onlookers with their amazing stalls and tricks. Football is not always meant to be played on a well-maintained turf pitch. It is a game meant also for the streets. These jaw-dropping abilities aren't meant to paralyse you. Try your best to replicate the moves you have just witnessed once you are finished viewing this spectacular clip.

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JESSE (4 August 2016):
Bingo5656 (9 January 2015):
better than Ronaldo

muhammadishaq7862 (22 April 2014):
its rubbish i vote for that only 1star i got better scills than that   Hmm...
Sharknado (18 April 2014):
Im the real ronaldo
messi0987 (22 March 2013):
how does  he do that Clap hands  Happy  Happy  Happy
n00bman 25 (8 March 2013):
OMG WHAT THE iam 9 and that is just S.I.K Happy  Happy  Happy
wunpini (20 February 2013):
better than them i am 14
messi101 (17 November 2012):
im better than him and im 11
bebe (22 July 2012):
im better than him
crazy l1ver b1rd (22 May 2012):
im miles better tan tat i done 3 touzani arund the worlds in 1 go  
MANCHESTERUNITED11 (18 February 2012):
thats savage where did you learn them Happy  Happy  Happy
burhanhussain (22 December 2011):
owesum skills man .can u teach me
yarub2 (11 December 2011):
Pure skill man Clap hands  keep doing your thing  Cool
superman (18 November 2011):
nice music and nice skills
blackopsrules (1 May 2011):
amazing skills Happy  Cool but why is it in the game section??? Hmm...  Hmm...
jasmine 7up (14 April 2011):
i can do more better that him and i am 11
oryeo (1 February 2011):
all right Hmm...
Engladinian star (30 January 2011):
i can do almost all of that bye the way is that arbrham ikinzi azamsha
dhooma123 (1 January 2011):
awesome cool music BUT they freestylists cant play a football match against regular football players Wink
alg619 (12 November 2010):
  i could do the corkskrew 25 sec
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