New Star Soccer Trials

By the time you're finished at the practice pitch with New Star Soccer Trials, you'll be on your way to becoming the next Franck Ribery. This game requires placing just the right amount of power on your passes. Aiming is not a problem, as the mouse can be moved to the exact destination of your intended kick, but holding down the left mouse button too briefly will result in an under-powered pass. Holding it down too long will send your ball bouncing far beyond its intended target. Knock down cones and lob passes with accuracy. You'll soon be one of the players on the pitch known for assists.

Rating: 3.85 (249 votes) 3.85 out of 5
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Haroon66112 (13 April 2015):
rooney21 (2 November 2014):
how is it something to do with new star soccer? it is also CRAP Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
wilkm117 (3 April 2013):
nothing like the normal new star soccer Hmm...  Sad
go (15 February 2013):
Its a ok game but i would not say it was the best . Wave
willy (10 January 2013):
good game
φινα (9 January 2013):
easy game Happy
ChelseaLampard6 (4 January 2013):
Easy and rubbish.
namal (12 December 2012):
good game.... Clap hands
Alfie Rocks (4 November 2012):
it is so easy Happy
sazid (9 October 2012):
i like this game Cool  Clap hands  
soccermaster9000 (29 August 2012):
i love this this game Clap hands  Cool  Happy
angelch (25 June 2012):
one of the best games
ramires922 (18 June 2012):
best game Happy
BillisFBI (18 June 2012):
I had a score of 65,200...
But I didn't like the game a lot... Sad
FireFighter (7 June 2012):
this game is alright but not that good Sad  Hmm...
Chelsea fc 4 life (24 May 2012):
got 62,850 Clap hands
filip20 (31 January 2012):
so so so wors game ever Sad  Sad
soccersnakegirl (27 November 2011):
Got 71,213 easy!! Happy
mandr!ne (12 June 2011):
worst gamever
rooey scouse liverpool 11 (7 June 2011):
bunny boy 12 i just have I got8500
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