The Goal Shooting

Use the arrow keys to position the target in the goal. Press spacebar to select the power and style of shot. Hit the space when the hand is on highlighted part of fence.
In lower-right part of the screen you can see special powers. Click on special power to use during kick.

Rating: 3.90 (172 votes) 3.90 out of 5
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Bingo5656 (6 November 2015):
awesome game Cool  Cool
ScottBlackmon11 (21 August 2014):
I hope I enjoy This game!
ryangiggs13 (15 February 2014):
cool NOT
messi2004 (12 May 2013):
very easy but dead boring Sad  Sad
ManuFan06 (29 November 2012):
The game is good but i need to be ready to press The arrow keys on time  Hmm...
razza9194 (11 September 2012):
made it to level 11
wweraw (1 September 2012):
Made it to level 9
owait (23 July 2012):
i love tihs games
fouzi123 (22 July 2012):
its so easy and a bit boring
niall712 (1 July 2012):
i think your right at the top
GALAXY0900 (19 June 2012):
it`s easy,but it ends up boring
angelch (17 June 2012):
fun game got to level 8 Happy  Cool
LFCTILLIDIE2310 (24 May 2012):
good game i enjoyed it Wave  Clap hands
galjd001 (1 February 2012):
tooo easy! Happy   Cool
loo272 (11 January 2012):
multib123 (23 December 2011):
how do i  kick the ball  Hmm...
idiotic cow (10 December 2011):
easier than fifa
Zedgum (8 December 2011):
So easy  Cool  Cool  Wink
ajwar619 (12 May 2011):
sik game
rayn (29 January 2011):
so sic
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