Soccer Tribe

Soccer Tribe it's a cool street football game to test your footy skills. Use arrow keys to control your players, X to shoot, Z to pass/change player.
Tip: Shoot in goal from long distance to make extra points.

Rating: 3.66 (128 votes) 3.66 out of 5
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Soccer Tribe

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SOCCER TRIBE - Comments:
TheTrickyTree (19 March 2013):
I need to plug in the connection
crackinggoal (26 September 2012):
This is sooo bad!
messi 666 (28 December 2011):
i won 12-9 hard
messi 666 (28 December 2011):
peterboy10 is right they look like zombies
kelvin987 (21 May 2011):
nice game
coolfire46 (13 May 2011):
not bad but dont like it  
6muppet6 (30 March 2011):
i won 19-3
Rex35 (26 March 2011):
I need to plug in the connection but I do not no what it mean though Sad SadSad
peterboy10 (2 September 2010):
they look like zombies
JJ2KK (30 August 2010):
it is good Happy
lil twit360 (7 August 2010):
peterboy10 (23 June 2010):
first time i played easy i lost the second time i played easy i won
89nahim (31 March 2010):
hard is easy i won 20-19
josoccer44 (15 March 2010):
2-6 easy Sad  Hmm...
I_rule (7 January 2010):
Sad too many levels
jumbo8 (4 January 2010):
Easy: 11-0
malikezi (30 December 2009):
easy won 10:1
medium won 4:3
hard won 10Cool
jacobti (18 December 2009):
Easy - Won 12-0
Medium - Won 7-0
very close for the computer Hard -Won 10-9
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