Free Kick Duel

Shoot from various positions on the field bending it over and around the wall. It's you against a big name player. First to score 3 goals wins.

Rating: 4.28 (5180 votes) 4.28 out of 5
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FREE KICK DUEL - Comments:
Ronaldofan2001 (19 October 2014):
How is this game even beatable??
So hard. But quite fun  Sad  Clap hands
crowndavid (19 October 2014):
i won 3-2 nobody is better then me Cool
jared31 (4 October 2014):
Good But Hard Happy
GERRARD12345678910 (28 September 2014):
its ok but gets boring Hmm...
NEYMAR NO 1 (13 August 2014):
Damn it soo hard
rehema14 (12 June 2014):
i like this game
rehema14 (11 June 2014):
good game
Clap hands
walker3501 (29 May 2014):
its really hard to score a high goal Sad
RumiDaniHun12 (28 May 2014):
Ballack vs. Me 0-3
Beckham vs. Me 1-3
Boksic vs. Me 1-3
Im the Best!!HAAAA
EvertonRocks123 (26 May 2014):
hard and my guy is always so sad and hunched over Wink
Alex Dolla $ (7 May 2014):
not bad  Hmm...
DeaDPooL365 (9 April 2014):
Awesome game
keato20 (3 April 2014):
beat ballack 3-0  Cool
Hazard19 (30 March 2014):
rehema14 (30 March 2014):
good game Clap hands
SUAREZ950 (9 March 2014):
191 wins
SUAREZ950 (9 March 2014):
all of um beeten 3-0 by me
jaky555 (3 March 2014):
I won 3-1!
Finalgorts333 (25 February 2014):
it's the best i like play that game  Clap hands
manchester united skillz (22 February 2014):
not a very good game  Hmm...  Sad
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