World Cup PK

World Cup Football/Soccer penalty kick tournament. Play group stage and try to advance to the finals and win it all. Take penalty kicks and defend against other national teams' players in a full tournament. Click and drag smaller ball to aim. Watch small blinking arrow for power. For most powerful shots release when it closest to the top and red.

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WORLD CUP PK - Comments:
fo4everBlU8 (4 June 2014):
nice but not dat much Sad
LackadaisicalThunderXD (29 April 2014):
Decent game I won Clap hands
Road-tostardom (31 January 2014):
that was weird but good Wink
chocolocoboohoo (31 January 2013):
worst game ever. Sad  Sad
Footballrules (31 August 2012):
spain 5 brazil 3  Wink  Cool
mr schweinsteiger (18 June 2012):
i love ballack my hero Wave  Wave
scott13677 (13 June 2012):
to easy @
man united rocks (19 February 2012):
it is very boring
Jackcobden123 (27 January 2012):
i won it with germany
Jackcobden123 (27 January 2012):
french 1 - 3 grerme
Dandrew123 (24 January 2012):
hard but fun
Arklow united FC (7 January 2012):
Its so easy and very could improve Hmm.... and when i mean bad i mean crap.
ltname (30 December 2011):
i lose vs croatia 3-0
GoalKeeperJah (14 December 2011):
Hmm...  Hmm... this game is hard
nadani (7 December 2011):
i was the champion with Brazil  Cool  Happy  Sad
youssef47884 (22 May 2011):
very easy Happy
adzmi muscleman (22 May 2011):
best Wave  Wave  Clap hands
Haaris786 (30 April 2011):
nOT THAT FUN Sad  Happy  Hmm...
rma (27 March 2011):
nice k
tonyclaw3 (20 February 2011):
it waz not that fun Sad  Hmm...
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